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Linked Up: It's So Much Worse Than I Thought Edition

It turns out Rubie underestimated the number he did on South Florida with his kiss of death last fall.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Did you ever have one of those days when you felt like the beautiful, beautiful butterfly that flapped his butterfly wings in the South Pacific, only to set in motion a calamitous chain of events that ultimately led to Jeff Goldblum almost being eaten by a T-rex somewhere off the coast of Costa Rica? (I may skipped a few sessions in my remedial chaos theory class. Sorry.)

ANYWAY, I put on my sackcloth earlier this week when I gave myself an F for apparently cursing the South Florida football team, which roared out of the gates last year* only to disintegrate down the stretch** and, this season, has limped to a 2-2 start following Saturday's cringe-worthy loss at Ball State.

* That's a fancy way of saying: they started 1-0.

** That's a fancy way of saying: they got pantsed by Pitt. And Rutgers. And Cincinnati. And Louisville. And, well, everybody except for 'Cuse, which LOL.

I knew I'd done wrong, friends, but I didn't know how bad until I read the game recap from Voodoo Five -- our wonderful USF blog, which you should make a habit of reading daily now that United has streamlined the ability to hop between SBN blogs -- which was styled as a "This Is Your Life" show/intervention for USF coach Skip Holtz:

Coach Holtz, it's your extra point team. We had a point after blocked today. That's three extra points we've botched so far this year, and we've only played four games! I know that one point meant that the offense had to score a touchdown at the end of the game, even though they got into field goal range with time to spare and could have tied it if we had just done our job. But then again, we would have been out there trying the field goal! Ha ha!

Oh my.

Things have gotten to "OUR PETS' HEADS ARE FALLING OFF" levels for the Bulls, and I've got to do my part to remedy this. I'm willing to do whatever's necessary, save for (obviously) deleting the pics of the Sun Dolls off my computer. I'll donate something (up to and including a toe) for the Voodoo Five wizard to voodoo in his cauldron. I won't eat ground beef for a week a day today the next hour.

So, so sorry, you guys.