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The Michael Hunt Era Has Not Started Out Well

The Journal-Sentinel's new Marquette beat reporter is a little slow on the uptake on his first news story.

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Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Yesterday brought the news of John Dawson's commitment to Marquette. Let's go through a rough timeline of events from yesterday:

9:48 am: Mark Miller tweets about Dawson. Shortly thereafter, we make use of our fancy new Breaking News banner abilities.

9:59-10:16 am: We get tweets from NY 2 LA Sports, Reggie Rankin, and Dave Telep in fairly quick order.

11:21 am: Paint Touches tweets about Dawson, and points out that they're a little slow with the news. This is followed by the soon to be resigning WMUR Sports Director Matt Trebby retweeting and owning up to being even slower.

12:54 pm: We take down the Breaking News banner and publish our story.

2:04 pm: Michael Hunt tweets about a new record from Trapper Schoepp & The Shades.

7:37 pm: The MJS blog post authored by Hunt gets a tweet from the JS's Marquette blog feed. The post itself doesn't have a timestamp at this point, but I saw 7:06 pm on the article when I read it last night.

From what I can tell (and this might not be accurate, JSOnline doesn't seem to allow for searching by author), Hunt's only other content from yesterday on JSOnline was a video that I learned two things from: 1) Hunt had nothing to do with producing the video other than being in it and 2) His picture at the top of his column page is horribly out of date.

So it took over 9 hours from when news broke to when Hunt and the JS got around to posting something about it. The good news is that it's just a recruiting story, so it honestly isn't that important. But it does remind me of last season when Tom Enlund's halftime updates would be posted with about 3 minutes left in the game. Hopefully Michael Hunt can avoid that kind of tardiness on game days.