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9.4 Morning Coffee: Insert Creative Title Here Edition

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Welcome back, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend. It's been kind of quiet around these parts in regards to basketball news lately, but hopefully that's coming to an end soon. The athletic department teased last week that the Big East schedule was nearing completion, and last year, the schedule came out during the first week of Marquette's classes, which was last week. But until we know something for sure, we're stuck waiting. Let's find some things to occupy ourselves in the meantime.

Scroll down and read the customer reviews.


I have a short quiz for the Admiral.

WAIT. This is a thing? Why wasn't I told?

Here's a fun one: Who's stupider on this play?

Flying robots deliver tacos? But only in San Francisco? Drag.

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Random Music Video: Jay-Z and Pearl Jam - 99 Problems