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1.15 Around The Big East

Sometimes you get five games to recap, sometimes you get one. This is the second kind.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

But it was a pretty impressive game, even if it didn't really look like it at the end.

#1/1 Louisville 73, Connecticut 58 - Due to bad weather in Hartford on Sunday, the Cardinals didn't make the trip in to Connecticut until during the day yesterday. So I guess we can chalk their first half up to jet lag. Peyton Siva racked up two fouls inside of four minutes, they forgot about guarding Shabazz Napier for a 4+ minute stretch where Shabazz hit every field goal he attempted and scored 10 points, and then this happened at the end of the half to put the Huskies up 6:

Yep, the Cardinals pulled a Burr/Higgins/Walton and gave up on the game before the buzzer to end the half.

But the second half went much better. Three UL steals in the first five minutes led to a three point Cardinals lead, and things just jumped off from there. Shabazz only had two free throws for the rest of the game, and those only pulled the Huskies within 16. Like I said, it was a pretty impressive game from the Cardinals in their first defense of their brand new number one ranking, even if the final score doesn't reflect that.

Card Chronicle has their recap up here if you want to read more.