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Big East Realignment: Direct Questions, Direct Answers

I don't know why anyone else didn't think of this before, so let's thank Ben Greene of The Marquette Tribune for going straight to the athletic department with some questions about The Seven.

Seriously: Can't we get Larry Williams a nicer hat?
Seriously: Can't we get Larry Williams a nicer hat?
Rob Carr

We all remember that it was Marquette athletic director Larry Williams that launched a firestorm that very quickly resulted in The Seven announcing their departure from the Big East. So why hasn't anyone bothered to ask the outspoken Williams about two key questions that have come up recently about the new conference?

Thankfully, intrepid reporter Ben Greene is on the case. He point blank asked Williams about the departure date for The Seven and found out that Williams hopes to have The Seven out of the Big East following this school year.

"The bottom line is, everybody wants to get off and do their own thing," Williams said. "(The remaining Big East schools) want to build their conference, and we certainly want to get about building ours."

Excellent news! It should be noted that Williams also said a July 2014 departure is "reasonable," so we'll see what happens. The important thing is that at least Marquette is on board with the concept of #FreeTheSeven.

The other item of note in Greene's story comes when he asked Williams about the rumors kicked about by Brendan Prunty and Mark Blaudschun that there may be a way to include Cincinnati and Connecticut in The Seven's new conference.

"I don’t think it’s a logical assumption that those schools would be a part of our group," Williams said.

I see Mr. Williams is in touch with his inner Mr. Spock. Nice work stepping on that crazy idea, sir.