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1.28 Morning Coffee: All Bat, All The Time Edition

So many bat jokes, so little time.

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So many bat jokes, so little time. Seriously, what a bizarre scene. Of course, I had a sick kid and couldn't go to the game. I always miss the most entertaining games. I could watch this over and over and over again.

Most importantly, the team won and is currently sitting in second place in Big East standings.

Quick turnaround for the boys, with tonight's tip set for 8pm. Listen, I love the bat too, but South Florida gives us all a chance to be reminded that it's time to appreciate the SUNDOLLS. Now, sure I realize they won't be at the Bradley Center tonight, but does it really matter? Any time I can link to google images of SUNDOLLS, I will. And 65% of our audience won't complain.

Why is Creighton appealing to the Catholic 7? Rabid, traveling fan base.

Crazy gingers: "a red-headed baby can appear seemingly out of nowhere."

Lisa Loeb. Still hot.

History of dropping the mic.

Jake The Snake had fans donate 20K to him.

90's Alt-Rock for kids? Sure thing.


Johnathan Coulton sticks it to Glee.

Moinkballs? Yes, please.

Today is bubble wrap appreciation day.

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