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1.7 Morning Coffee: Drunk With Cash Edition

Give us all the money, Fox.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Señor bitches. I'm back with a new batch.

A 2-0 start to Big East play is pretty big, but the biggest news appears to be that Fox Sports is drunk with a boatload of cash. Dear Catholic 7 - Sign that deal right now. Don't wait for the ink to dry. You take the money and run. AND do everything in your power to start next season. That's right. Fall of 2013. While highly unlikely, and would create some massive headaches for every athletic dept involved, one more year of "Big East" play would be awkward for all involved. Makes it hard for the current Big East to get their own tv contract done. It's just a mess. Move swiftly and get the f' out of dodge. Note, this creates a potential match up with league team in an early season tournament as Marquette & Creighton are both playing in Anaheim over Thanksgiving.

But seriously a 2-0 start in Big East play is fantastic. All despite being terrible from beyond the arc. Now the boys have to do it on the road at Pitt. Has Jamil found his role? He busted that zone hard core on Saturday. And lastly, my boy Juan Anderson is a stud.

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Speaking of Community, my new favorite football player, Justin Brown. POP, POP!

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