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Jameel McKay Announces His Departure From Marquette On Twitter

That's a new one.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Friday was Media Day for Marquette at the Al McGuire Center.

Yesterday was Media Day for the Big East Conference at Chelsea Piers in New York City.

Today, Jameel McKay announced on his Twitter account that he's leaving the Marquette mens' basketball team.

This comes directly from McKay's Twitter account, and as it stands all of 40 minutes after he posted that, there's been no official word from the Marquette athletic department. That's weird, but I suppose that's the 21st century for you.

This is incredibly odd timing on multiple levels. First, Boot Camp has finished and regular practices have begun. Second, McKay's been on campus, taking classes and working out at the Al McGuire Center since May 28th. I would find it amazingly hard to believe that there's some kind of adjustment from a two year junior college like Indian Hills Community College to a four year institution like Marquette that wouldn't have cropped up before now.

And yes, before you say anything else, I realize that fall break started today, which means mid-terms ended yesterday.

McKay was expected to be part of the depth to Marquette's frontcourt this season. McKay's experience as a two time NJCAA First Team All-American was part of the reason that MU was considered to be one of the best frontcourts in the country heading in to the season. While his departure before even playing a game does impact the depth at the forward position, it doesn't necessarily affect the ability of Marquette to rely on their big men, as Jamil Wilson, Davante Gardner, and Chris Otule will still be the ones carrying most of the load.

McKay's departure opens up another scholarship for the fall of 2014. That gives head coach Buzz Williams two open spots to fill alongside the verbal commitments from Wisconsin native Sandy Cohen, Illinois native Malek Harris, and Georgia native Ahmed Hill. Marquette was in need of big men for next year anyway, so this might give Buzz a chance to double up on post players.

UPDATE: Buzz's official statement, as released on the official men's basketball Facebook page:

“We are thankful for the trust of Jameel, his family, and all of his coaches prior to his arrival here for the trust they put in our program and institution,” Williams said. “We wish Jameel all the best.”