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MU Adds F Marial Shayok To 2014 Verbal Commitments

The transfer of Jameel McKay opened up another 2014 scholarship... for about 7 hours.

Buzz is pumped about adding another Canuck
Buzz is pumped about adding another Canuck
Andy Lyons

Well that didn't take long.

Mere hours after it was announced that Jameel McKay would be departing the Marquette program, word came out that Marial Shayok had committed to play for Buzz Williams and the Golden Eagles.

Shayok is a 6'6"(ish) small forward from Ottawa, Canada, who is playing his high school ball at Blair Academy in New Jersey.  I can't say that I'm overly familiar with his work, but my quick browse of the internets gave me a pretty good idea on what we're getting in our newest recruit from the Great White North.  Word in the hood is that he is a big wing player, with a fairly polished skill set, a decent outside shooting stroke, and a ton of upside.  Pretty much everyone that has written about him has mentioned the fact that he may not be done growing, so that's why anyone listing his height is really just guesstimating.  Bottom line is he's a Buzz kind of guy - "switchable".

Shayok picked Marquette over Providence, Virginia (Yeah, take that Bennett!), and several other offers.  He joins Ahmed Hill, Sandy Cohen and Malek Harris in the recruiting class of 2014.

While we are, of course, thrilled to have young Marial joining the fold, there are some questions that remain after today's roster shake-up.  Namely, where does Marquette look for interior size and depth after Otule and Gardner depart?  With McKay out of the mix that leaves just Steve Taylor and the incoming Harris as the only players over 6'6".  And even if Shayok adds a few more inches, as people have suggested, he still doesn't seem to project as a true post presence.

But those are questions for next year.  For tonight, we say: Welcome to Marquette, Marial!  Ring out ahoya!!!

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