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The Marquette Related Tweets Of The Week: 10/15-10/21

Yeah, you read that right. PLURAL tweets.

Ronald Martinez

Here at Anonymous Eagle, we're hip to all the latest trends on the internet... or so we tell ourselves. We know how much the kids today like to keep in touch and communicate through social media. In particular, we're big fans of the service known the world over as Twitter. Each week, we'll bring you a tweet that we found particularly interesting/funny/thought provoking/ridiculous that has some kind of Marquette connection to it.

Last Wednesday was Media Day for Big East basketball. While the 21st century allows me to pay attention to the event from the comfort of my home in the Milwaukee suburbs, I don't really need to watch the livestream of the event as it bounces back and forth between a shot of whoever Bob Wenzel is interviewing at the moment and a two-shot of Wenzel & the interviewee. This allows me to wander a bit as I listen to the interviews. One of the things that was readily available on Media Day Central was the media guide for the 2013-2014 men's basketball season. While idly scrolling through it, I found a list of referees that the Big East will be using this season.

Put a pin in that, we'll come back to it. First, the Tweets of the Week:

Yes, that's right, more than four hours apart, these two loyal readers had EXACTLY the same reaction to seeing that list. Why is that, you ask?

James Breeding is a egomaniacal lunatic that once whistled three technical fouls in one game while being part of a refereeing crew that called 47 fouls in the game, causing the game to last over two and half hours.

Jim Burr is a Drunken Hobbit that I still haven't forgiven for swallowing his whistle in the closing seconds of Marquette's trip to Vanderbilt in December of 2010.

Pat Driscoll is just notorious. Although he did have to work as Breeding's PR rep during the aforementioned three tech game. Flip side: he helped call those 47 fouls.

Karl Hess once sent two teams going the wrong way in overtime, then didn't properly award the road team a goaltending call on the first possession when he figured out his boo-boo, and then the road team lost. Then he got assigned to work the Final Four. True story.

Tim Higgins is a crotchety and terrible college basketball referee who retired when he found out he was being targeted by Adjective Survivor (probably). The Higgins in the media guide is John Higgins, and I apologize for besmirching his (presumably) good name.

Earl Walton was part of a refereeing crew with Tim Higgins and Jim Burr (hey, those names sound familiar!) that decided to stop working with two seconds left on the clock in a two point game in the Big East tournament. While this was enough to get them removed get them to withdraw from refereeing further games in that year's Big East tournament, somehow this was not enough cause to bar any of them from working for the Big East ever again.

So yeah: "Oh FFS" was about the nicest thing anyone could have said about finding out that this band of jokers is going to continue to attempt to ruin Big East basketball.

Have you seen a Marquette related tweet that you'd like to see in this spot in the future? Let us know on Twitter or send the direct URL link to and be sure to send your Twitter tag along with it so we can give you credit for finding it!