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Hey, How Did Everyone's Fox Sports 1 Big East Tip-Off Party Go?

Seemed like a pretty crazy time, huh?

Intense Jamil is intense.
Intense Jamil is intense.
Win McNamee

Last night, Fox Sports 1 began their coverage of Big East basketball by airing a live two hour special where they whipped around from school to school, talking to all sorts of players and coaches. Seems like there was a lot of craziness going on.

Georgetown, anything interesting happen out your way?

B.o.B., huh? Nice. Anyone else have any musical performances?

Well, would you look at that. Nicki Minaj at Villanova and Lupe Fiasco at St. John's. Anyone have any crazy celebrity vs head coach contests?

Seton Hall head coach Kevin Willard vs. legendary competitive eater Kobayashi! Holy crap, that's awesome! What about random celebrity sightings?

Well done, Providence.

What's that? You're curious what Marquette got up to? Oh, well, let's look at this video from FS1 recapping all the highlights of the day:

Hey, look at that, first thing in the video, Marquette fans lined up outside the Al McGuire Center... wait a minute. All these clips of Marquette stuff here are from Marquette Madness, which was two weeks ago. Marquette had their Haunted Hoops scrimmage last night, where I'll let Andrei Greska from Paint Touches explain actually what took place inside the arena at the Al McGuire Center:

Instead of having a straight 5-on-5 scrimmage, Buzz Williams decided to truly get something out of it and held a pseudo practice.

Yes, it was in a full-court scrimmage setting, but the rules were altered based on his desired circumstances, whether that meant switching players around on teams, starting at a given score instead of 0-0 or wherever they were prior to the timeout, and even playing a bit of make-it-take-it. All in all it made for a very disjointed scrimmage, but probably a more impactful one for players and coaches alike.

Oh, I see. While everyone else was busy goofing off with dunk contests and musical performances and crazy celebrity appearances designed to get them some cheap publicity heat, Marquette got all the distractions out of the way two weeks ago and instead was busy getting better at playing basketball.

Your move, everyone else.