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Men's Basketball #17 In The Associated Press Preseason Top 25

Hey, that sounds familiar.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Marquette will start out the 2013-2014 season ranked #17 in both the Associated Press writers' poll and USA Today's coaches' poll.

The AP released their poll today, and much like USA Today's poll, Marquette is the only Big East team ranked in the top 25. Also like the coaches' poll, there are three Marquette opponents in the top 25: Ohio State at #11, Wisconsin at #20, and New Mexico at #23.

Of course, there are former Big East teams on the list as well. Louisville comes in at #3, Syracuse is #8, Connecticut slots at #18, and Notre Dame brings up the rear at #21. Memphis, which Marquette was briefly associated with in a long distant version of the Big East, is ranked #13.

Marquette's own local beat writer, Michael Hunt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, has the Golden Eagles exactly where they ended up at #17.

Here's the full list, with first place votes in parenthesis:

1. Kentucky (27)
2. Michigan State (22)
3. Louisville (14)
4. Duke (2)
5. Kansas
6. Arizona
7. Michigan
8. Syracuse
8. Oklahoma State
10. Florida
11. Ohio State
12. North Carolina
13. Memphis
14. Virginia Commonwealth
15. Gonzaga
16. Wichita State
17. Marquette
18. Connecticut
19. Oregon
20. Wisconsin
21. Notre Dame
22. UCLA
23. New Mexico
24. Virginia
25. Baylor

See anyone you think is too high or too low? Comments section, kids.