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The NCAA Is A Bunch Of Hypocrites

And not for the usual reasons that you're thinking of.


So this came rolling through Twitter tonight, as originally retweeted into my stream by The Sporting News' Troy Machir:

My gut reaction is that I want to empty my guts. That's terrible. Of course, this is from the same school that said "Hey, we're moving into the AAC this fall, let's get a court that looks as much like a paved blacktop court as possible," so all bets are off on whatever they were thinking.

So while I was busy being pleased that Fr. Pilarz and Larry Williams had guided Marquette out of a conference that included having to watch those unis, that's when loyal reader (you can tell by his Twitter avatar) Eric pointed something out:


The NCAA has in the past declared various Marquette basketball uniforms illegal, including this beauty, as worn by Jim Chones:


The official reason the NCAA banned those bad boys? Because of their "psychedelic effect." If there's ever been a more 1972 reason for something, I'd like to hear it.

So, apparently we have the NCAA's ruling on thin stripes. Horizontal: IT MELTS OUR EYES, MAAAAAAN. Vertical: TOTALLY COOL.

Bunch of jerks.