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A Brief By-The-Numbers Look At Grambling

We've broken down teams in terms of statistics in the past, so let's look at some important numbers regarding tonight's basketball game against the Tigers.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


That's the number of consecutive home wins by Marquette, which is the second longest streak in the country. They've gone 9-0 in two straight Big East seasons, and went undefeated all of last year in the non-conference schedule. Marquette is chasing South Dakota State for the longest home winning streak. The Jackrabbits have a streak of 30 consecutive wins at Frost Arena, and won't play a home game this season until Thursday, November 14.


That's the number of consecutive games that Grambling has lost. Not road games. Not non-conference games. The Tigers have not won a game of any fashion since their 2011-12 season finale on March 3, 2012. They went 0-27 in the regular season last year, lost their only game in the SWAC conference tournament, and lost their opener this season. Which bring us to our last number to focus on...


Grambling played their regular season opener against DePaul down at McGrath-Phillips Arena on the Blue Demons' campus. DePaul came away with a 96-58 win, for a final margin of 38 points. That is a gauntlet thrown at the feet of Marquette if I've ever seen one. Anything DePaul can do, Marquette can do better. Goals for tonight: 1) Score 100 points 2) hold Grambling under 62.