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Welcome To The 2013 Fall Signing Period

Marquette has four recruits that have verbally committed to join the team in the fall of 2014, and as of today, they're eligible to turn that spoken commitment into a written one.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It's really not in the best interest of the prospective student athlete, but Marquette will accept national letters of intent from men's basketball recruits who will join Marquette in the fall of 2014 starting today.

Based on previous announcements from the recruits, Marquette has four verbal commitments for next year: Sandy Cohen, Malek Harris, Ahmed Hill, and Marial Shayok. If all four sign letters of intent during the fall signing period, then Marquette will still have one open scholarship for next fall due to the departure of Jameel McKay.

However, whether or not all four sign a letter of intent is still slightly up in the air. There's no obvious reason why Cohen, Hill, and Shayok shouldn't or wouldn't sign their letters today, but Harris is a different story. Back in October, Harris was suspended for the entirety of his senior season at Sandburg High School. From the way Sandburg's discipline system is set up, it appears as if this is Harris' third strike. I haven't seen anything about Harris transferring anywhere, so I presume he's still at Sandburg and just not playing basketball. Marquette and head coach Buzz Williams are unable to make any public comment on Harris unless he's signed a letter of intent, so I would presume that if he does sign, we'll get Buzz addressing the issue in one way or another.

There's only two things we know for sure right now: 1) We'll know more when the university officially announces the full list of fall signings at some point during the fall signing period, which lasts until November 20th, and 2) Anyone who signs a letter of intent is still a recruit in the eyes of the NCAA, so you still can't talk to them on Twitter.