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POLL NEWS! Marquette Volleyball Cracks The Top 25 For The First Time In Program History

Plus: men's basketball holds steady in the AP Top 25.

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The American Volleyball Coaches' Assocation Top 25 is the only poll of note for women's collegiate volleyball. In the latest edition of the poll issued today, Marquette found themselves amongst the best 25 teams in the country for the first time in program history.

Marquette landed in 24th with 129 points, easily ahead of the 86 points accrued by 25th place Iowa State. There are only 10 teams in the Top 25 with fewer losses than Marquette's five defeats on the season, and four of MU's losses came against teams in the top 25: #2 Penn State, #6 Florida, #7 USC, and #22 BYU.

Marquette Volleyball attempts to make MU three for three on regular season and tournament championship combinations this fall when they head to Omaha for the Big East tournament starting on Friday. The Golden Eagles are the #1 seed and will take on #4 seed Butler in the semifinals.

Over on the men's basketball side, Marquette held steady at #25 in the Associated Press poll. Given the crummy showing against New Hampshire, I'm counting this as a positive. Marquette finished with 126 points in the voting and 26th place New Mexico had 82, so MU had more than a comfortable cushion.

As for the USA Today coaches' poll, Marquette remains on the outside of the top 25. The Golden Eagles did manage to compile 42 points, and with four games this week before the next poll is issued, they have more than enough of a chance to earn their way back into the coaches' good graces.