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YOU MAKE THE CALL: Marquette's Record In Non-Conference Games


Ox wants you to vote. Ignore Ox at your own peril.
Ox wants you to vote. Ignore Ox at your own peril.

In order to get everyone all fired up and ready for the men's basketball season opener on Friday night, we'll take some time every day this week to ask you, our loyal readers, a question about what you think about Marquette's upcoming season.

Today's question is: What will Marquette's record in non-conference games be?

The Golden Eagles will play 13 non-conference games this season. There are two true road games, a third game at the opposition's gym as part of a tournament, one neutral site game, and nine home games. Here's a handy list for you to peruse before you vote in the poll at the bottom of the list!

11/8 - vs Southern
11/12 - vs Grambling State
11/16 - vs Ohio State
11/21 - vs New Hampshire

11/25 - at Arizona State
11/28 - at Cal State Fullerton (Wooden Legacy)
11/29 - vs George Washington/Miami (Wooden Legacy)
12/1 - vs Arizona State/College of Charleston/Creighton/San Diego State (Wooden Legacy)

12/7 - at Wisconsin
12/14 - vs IUPUI
12/17 - vs Ball State
12/21 - vs New Mexico (MGM Grand Showcase, Las Vegas, NV)
12/28 - vs Samford

As always, your comments on your vote are encouraged in the comments section.