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YOU MAKE THE CALL: Marquette's Big East Record

One day closer to the beginning of the season, and time for another poll!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we asked for your picks on Marquette's non-conference record. Those games will all be finished by the time the Golden Eagles start the Big East section of the schedule on New Year's Eve in Omaha.

With the reconfigured Big East, Marquette will play 18 conference games this year as they have in the past, but the format is different. With nine different opponents, each team in the Big East will play one home game and one road game against every team in the league. The good news is that the rivalries with Butler, Creighton, and Xavier are sure to get off to a hot start with two games against them this season. There is no bad news.

As always, we're looking for your pick on what Marquette's Big East record will be at the end of the season. Here's the schedule for you to check out, in case you think quick turnarounds could have an affect on the results of the games:

12/31 - at Creighton
1/4 - vs DePaul
1/9 - at Xavier
1/11 - vs Seton Hall

1/18 - at Butler
1/20 - at Georgetown
1/25 - vs Villanova
1/30 - vs Providence

2/1 - at St. John's
2/4 - vs Butler
2/11 - at Seton Hall
2/15 - vs Xavier

2/19 - vs Creighton
2/22 - at DePaul
2/27 - vs Georgetown
3/2 - at Villanova

3/4 - at Providence
3/8 - vs St. John's

As always, explanations for your votes are always welcome in the comments section!