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YOU MAKE THE CALL: The Big East Standings

Welcome back to everybody's favorite polling game! Today, we take a different viewpoint on how MU will do in the reconfigured Big East.

Yeah, that's totally a foul this year, Buzz.
Yeah, that's totally a foul this year, Buzz.

Yesterday we asked for your opinions on how many games Marquette would win in the Big East portion of the schedule. Now we take a slightly different angle on that. Not how many games will they win, but where will they finish?

Marquette has been a popular pick to win the Big East this season, but some outlets *coughCasualHoyacough* have gone in a different direction. Even where Marquette is the pick to win, writers and prognosticators are willing to say that both Georgetown and Creighton have legitimate shots at the regular season crown.

So, taking into account your vote for what MU's record will be, where do you think Marquette finishes in the Big East standings? Are the Golden Eagles your favorite to win the league? Are there more than two teams possibly better than Marquette? Submit your vote in the poll, and be sure to share your more outlandish theories in the comments section!