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YOU MAKE THE CALL: Marquette's Leading Rebounder

We continue our YOU MAKE THE CALL series with a new statistic for you to weigh in on!

That's some high quality boxing out, Big Kringle.
That's some high quality boxing out, Big Kringle.
Win McNamee

Yesterday we asked you about who you thought would fill up the basket the most for Marquette. Today, we ask you who has the biggest bottle of Windex.

To make a call on who will lead Marquette in rebounding, we have to first look at how everyone did last year. Trent Lockett was actually MU's leading rebounder at 5.1 per game, but he was very closely trailed by two returning players. Jamil Wilson had the best average amongst the returning players at 4.9 rebounds per game, and Davante Gardner was right behind him at 4.8 caroms per contest.

The next three returning guys are all likely candidates, as well. Chris Otule (3.5 rpg), Juan Anderson (2.9 rpg), and Steve Taylor, Jr., (2.1 rpg) may all get an opportunity to crash the boards at a high rate. If you think that Anderson can operate in the same role as Lockett did last year, then Juan may be your guy to back for this season.

If you like some advanced stats to inform your choice, Gardner (12.5%) had the 91st best offensive rebounding rate in the country last year according to, while Otule (12.1%) was just outside the top 100 at #101. Those stats are based on players seeing at least 40% of their team's minutes, though, as Taylor (15.5%) had the best offensive rebounding rate on the team. Wilson (15.6%) had the best defensive rebounding rate amongst the returning players that would qualify for the 40% minutes mark, while Anderson (18.8%) had the best rate on the team.

Make your pick, and then defend your choice in the comments section below!