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YOU MAKE THE CALL: Marquette's NCAA Tournament Seed

Let's wind it all together now, for one last prediction about how Marquette's season will go.

Andy Lyons

We've asked about the non-conference schedule, the conference schedule, and the Big East standings. Today we have one last poll: What seed will Marquette earn in the NCAA tournament?

Don't worry, Coach Buzz, we know that it's hard work to make the NCAA tournament every year. But the fact of the matter is that Marquette has made eight consecutive NCAA tournaments, and even more impressively, your Marquette teams have never missed the tournament.

So let's look at the pieces. Combine your thoughts on the first three polls that we've put up, and take a swing at where you think that profile slots Marquette into the NCAA tournament. If you're the kind of guy that takes preseason bracketology into account,'s Jerry Palm has Marquette as a 5 seed, which is the highest position of any team in the Big East.

As always, you can defend your position in the comments section below!