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11.8 Morning Coffee: Welcome Back Edition

And it begins.....



As John Sebastian once sang, Welcome Back college hoops, welcome back. You have been missed dearly. Tonight's lid lifter is against the might Southern from Baton Rouge. Don't sleep on the Jaguars. They ain't no push over.

Uniwatch has you covered on uni changes.

Speaking of Uni's these MU football ones are phenomenal.

January 2nd, Community returns.

These old photos are transformed in wonderful color.

Glen Hansard with a great Springsteen cover.

LEGO has won best Christmas ad.

Parents, here are some of the best kids albums of the year.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Game notes from the SID.
Check out our player previews.
Check out Paint Touches.
Marquette Golden Eagles: Overrated or Underrated?
SI's Luke Winn has us at 20.
Big East Big Five games of the weekend.
East Coast Bias preview.
MU-UW is a best non-league game.
Marquette is letting a recruit play football.
Mr McKay has landed in Ames.

Random Music Video: Same damn one I've posted the past 4 years to start the season.