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12.16 Morning Coffee: Another One Bites The Dust Edition

Pop, Pop!

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Hey, how about that? It felt like forever since we've had a dominating victory at the BC. Not much should change Tuesday night. Ball State us currently at 275 in KenPom's ratings. IUPUI? 276. It should be another bloodbath. Which leads us to Saturday's game against New Mexico in Vegas. They are currently 4 slots ahead of MU in KenPom's ratings and the game is currently a toss up in his projections.  It's a much needed resume builder. With that said, the 4 L's the team has are to teams with a combined 38-3 record. I'm not losing any sleep over those losses.

In other news, I'm just going to assume this song is on constant loop in the Marquette PR offices. So long, Larry. And with that, Buzz remains king of his castle. It's no secret Buzz & Larry didn't get along. Just call him Teflon Buzz. Buzz said words about Larry, but said nothing.

I did not see that Packers victory coming.

This dad is better than me.

Glen can do no wrong.

Cookies for you Christmas perverts.

Another good Irishman is gone.

#Mellowmas Day 16: Boyleful, not triumphant.

Community is about to return. So is Starburns. And Magnitude. And most importantly. Alison Brie.

More baseball in Canada? Take off, hoser.

There is no future in the Bradley Center.
AP story on Larry leaving.
How are all the transfers doing?

Random Music Video: The Pogues