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GameThread: Marquette Golden Eagles vs. New Mexico Lobos

YOUR Golden Eagles take their show to the desert to battle the fightin' Lobos of New Mexico in the MGM Grand Showcase.


Derrick Wilson (5.3 ppg; 4.0 rpg; 4.2 apg)

Jake Thomas (6.2 ppg; 2.2 rpg; 1.5 apg)

Jamil Wilson (12.3 ppg; 5.0 rpg; 2.6 apg)

Juan Anderson (5.8 ppg; 5.1 rpg; 1.5 apg)

Chris Otule (8.1 ppg; 5.3 rpg; 0.1 apg)


Cleveland Thomas (4.4 ppg; 3.5 rpg; 0.9 apg)

Kendall Williams (19.4 ppg; 3.4 rpg; 5.1 apg)

Cullen Neal (6.4 ppg; 1.7 rpg; 1.7 apg)

Cameron Bairstow (20.7 ppg; 6.8 rpg; 2.3 apg)

Alex Kirk (9.1 ppg; 10.1 rpg; 1.2 apg)


In case you forgot how we play: we've got a series of over/unders below. Give us your predictions in the comments, and you could win our undying respect and a half-eaten bag of Cheetos:

(1) Total number of Steve Alford mentions during the broadcast: 7.5

Mr. K sez: The TV types loooove them some Steve Alford. You know, that fresh-faced youngster from Coach Knight's 1987 National Championship team. So, even though he no longer coaches New Mexico, we expect to hear his name aplenty.

Bonus play! Number of times they mention that Coach Alford's UCLA squad got dismantled by the Dukies the other night - 0.5

(2) Points for Davante Gardner: 13.5

Mr. K sez: The Lobos have plenty of large gentlemen to throw at Ox down low. Big Nimble averages 14 points per game. He gonna get there tonight?

(3) Total number of Wilsons that see the floor for Marquette: 2.5

Mr. K sez: We know about two of 'em. What about that third one?

(4) Total number of Steve Taylors that play tonight: 0.5

Mr. K sez: Keep in mind: UNM has a walk-on named Steven Taylor...No. That's not true.

(5) Total number of rebounds for Chris Otule and Davante Gardner combined: 12.5

Mr. K sez: Like we said, large men on that UNM front line. How will Oxtule fair on the glass with those guys in their way?

(6) Total points scored by JaJuAn Johnson and Deonte Burton: 16.5

Mr K sez: The frosh have been seeing an increased role lately. Will they contribute when the lights are brighter?

(7) Total dollar amount bet on the game by Jim McIlvaine in the MGM Sportsbook: $1000

Mr. K sez: I actually have no idea if Mac is a gambling degenerate like some people I know. But I bet he could be if he wanted to. And if he is, you know he's laying the lumber on MU.

Completely Unnecessary Personal Story

The only Marquette game I ever watched/bet on in Las Vegas was Marquette @ Pitt in 2007. You may remember that as the game where Dom James calmly drained two FTs to send the game to OT. I had MU +400 on the money line. So I was in the corner, watching the only screen that wasn't showing the Bears/Saints NFC Title Game, completely geeking out. The lesson there kids: Don't bet on your team. It's just too stressful.


We're continuing with our holiday theme, so today's Pint Touch is the Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale.