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12.23 Morning Coffee: Empty Resume Edition

Jeff Bottari


Well, not sure what to say. They have a big fat goose egg of quality wins in non-conference play.
Or do they? Does George Washington count? They are currently 10-1. And frankly have more quality wins that MU. Does that mean it's a quality W for us? I have no idea.

Finish in the Top 3 of the diminished Big East and they should be dancing. KenPom's not good. 10-8 in conference play. That ain't gonna get the boys dancing.

Is this a photoshop, or is Buzz no longer the poster boy for soft bodies?

The NFC North should offer up their playoff spot to another team. Nobody wants it.

Fake doughnut alert!

What. The. Hell.

What. The. Hell. Vol2

New Slade? Hell. Yes.

Stop it, Stiller.

All that shameless cross promotion and it still didn't do great at the box office.

Not smart, Steve Martin.

Hungry Like The World - isolated.

If they download your music illegally, go play them a concert.

Not So Random Tune: Slade!