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Duane Wilson Will Redshirt For The 2013-14 Season

The freshman guard will be a freshman again next season, as he will stay on the bench for the remainder of this year.

Get ready for a lot of jackets and ties for Duane Wilson.
Get ready for a lot of jackets and ties for Duane Wilson.
Maggie Bean/

Is it a Friday news dump when it's done in the morning? In any case, Marquette released this news on Friday morning.

And thank goodness, too. Ever since it was announced that Duane Wilson had a stress fracture in his left leg, the debate began to rage as to whether or not he should come back this season. When he started dressing for games before he was even cleared to return to practice, beginning with the San Diego State game, expectations and debate began spinning out of control.

By the time we knew that Wilson was a full participant in practice, we had reached the point where he was either going to have to start his career with fewer practices under his belt than Jajuan Johnson, Deonte Burton, and John Dawson did when they debuted against Southern, or he was going to have to miss another month of the season just to play catch up with everyone else.

But now the discussion has ended. Wilson will sit out this season from game action, but like a transfer student, he will spend the rest of the year practicing with the team. This will end up benefiting both this year's Marquette team - Wilson will likely be matched up against Derrick Wilson in every practice rep from here on out - as well as lending a helping hand to future Marquette squads. Duane will get a chance to get up to speed at the college level and at Buzz Williams' expectation level before he even sets foot into an official game next November.