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Jamil Wilson Has A Sprained Left Knee

Because this season wasn't fun enough the way it was.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

At 15:13 of the first half against Samford, Todd Mayo came up with a steal and got the ball ahead to Jamil Wilson. It was a clear run out breakaway dunk for the senior forward, but Russell Wilson, the Samford sophomore who committed the turnover made a dumb, dumb move and fouled Wilson as he went up for the jam.

Wilson landed awkwardly and went down in a heap on the north baseline, holding his left knee. He stayed in the game to shoot his free throw (he missed), but Buzz Williams subbed in Derrick Wilson for Jamil at the next stoppage. Wilson would go to the locker room shortly afterwards, but returned before the first half ended.

After the game, we got this tweet from Paint Touches contributor, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel copy editor Michael Nelson:

On his post game radio interview with Steve "The Homer" True and Jim McIlvaine, head coach Buzz Williams said that Wilson wanted to go back in the game, but he kept Wilson out of the game as a precautionary measure. You can't blame Williams for thinking that, as MU had a 16 point lead at halftime, which was probably the first time he had a chance to seriously think about whether to put Jamil back in the game at all, and the lead never dipped below 13 for the rest of the game.

It appeared as if Wilson and Williams had a conversation regarding this topic right as the second half started, as Wilson gestured at the court and Williams spoke to him while looking down at his knee. My rough approximation of that conversation goes like this:

Jamil: Hey, coach, when can I get back out there?
Buzz: With that knee, and this score? How about on Tuesday, when I need you to chase after Doug McDermott?
Jamil: Solid point, coach.

Marquette opens the Big East schedule on New Year's Eve in Omaha against Creighton.