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12.31 Morning Coffee: NYE Edition

Creighton is evil, must be destroyed.

Eric Francis


Creighton is evil, must be destroyed.

As a kid growing up in Omaha, there was a reason I didn't go to Creighton. Mainly, because half of the shitheads from my high school were going to Creighton. Another four years of High School? No thanks.

Secondly, it was in Omaha.

My parents are Creighton alums and season ticket holders. I'd prefer that they not call me tonight at 11:30 bragging. But I get a bad feeling that Creighton will do to us what we did to UConn in our Big East opener. McDermott is gonna go all Novak on us. And if we don't have Jamil, it could get ugly in a hurry. WITH Jamil it could get ugly in a hurry.

Buzz Williams on the trip to Creighton: "I think we’re walking into a buzzsaw, and I think they’re waiting." I'm guessing he's talking about how good they are on offense.

KenPom has this as a 74-66 point win for Creighton. Both teams have lost to SDSU and somehow Creighton lost to George Washington, a team we thoroughly dismantled. So, I'm saying there's a chance.

Scroll down in this link for some Creighton perspective. To one writer, it's the Biggest Game In Creighton History. Old friends meet for the first time in 15 years. It must be nice when the local newspaper, you know, actually writes about your team.

Deonte killed a guy.
We chatted with the CU student newspaper.
Time & Channel change for the Xavier game.

And the Bears. Still. Suck.

Bon Jovi? Really? I suppose that's better than Bon Iver.

U2 is back on their Island.

Lots of people go to the movie theater.

New Boss leaked.

Random Music Video: Dismemberment Plan - The Ice of Boston "Here's to another goddamn New Year."