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BADGER HATE WEEK: Buckingham & Co. Winter Solstice Catalogue Edition!

Looking for the perfect gift for the Badger fan on your holiday list? Buckingham & Co. has you covered with its 68th annual Winter Solstice mail order catalogue!

Growing up in Wisconsin, there were certain holiday traditions that you could set your watch to: the Christmas lights show at Miller Brewery; your uncles drinking too much brandy at Christmas dinner; grandma putting enough butter in the mashed potatoes to choke a small pony.

One of my favorite winter traditions, though, is the catalogue produced annually by Buckingham & Co., the only place for the discerning Badger fan to stock up on one-of-a-kind UW keepsakes. We'll spend the next couple of days paging through this season's edition, starting today with Buckingham's offerings for that special Bro in your life.

Buckingham-and-co-cover_medium Buckingham-chad-alvarez-mic_medium