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Michael Hunt Has Clearly Stopped Caring

I mean, what other explanation is there?

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So, late yesterday afternoon, Michael Hunt posted two blog entries on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Golden Eagles blog, one of them bad, the other one offensively bad. We'll go in chronological order, which means starting with the offensively bad one, titled "Gardner returns to practice." This is clearly regarding Davante Gardner, senior forward/center on the men's basketball team, and that would be a good title of a blog post IF THERE WAS ONE ABOUT HIM MISSING PRACTICE.


Danvante Gardner, Marquette's leading scorer (14.0) and rebounder (7.0), is back at practice after throwing up on the court Sunday night against San Diego State in the Wooden Legacy at Anaheim.

Oh, dammit, not this again. I already asked you once to start proofreading these things before you post them. What the hell, Michael? This isn't hard. I don't know what the JS's blog entry software looks like, but I'm guessing that there's a little checkmark with an ABC right near it. USE IT. As I type this, I can see a little red dotted line under DANVANTE, so at least it jumps out at me to let me know it thinks that something is wrong. I mean, it doesn't like Davante either, but the red dashed line makes me double check things.

Garnder was diagnosed with an upper-repiratory condition and is responding to medication. He is expected to play Saturday at Wisconsin.

OH COME ON. Now we can't even get you to just keep the typos into one half of the dude's name? He's the whole reason that you're writing the post and you can't even focus long enough to type seven letters in the right order? BONUS: I didn't even see the lack of a letter 's' in respiratory until I went back and proofread what I wrote. SEE HOW EASY THAT WAS?

Gardner managed to play 23 minutes in the loss to the Aztecs despite looking very unwell on the bench. Buzz Williams sent him back in late while the game was still on the line, but it clear that Gardner was not himself. He took just five shots and gamely mananaged eight rebounds.

+1 for getting Ox's name right twice in one paragraph, +1 for doing it in two consecutive sentences. -1 for "it clear" and -2 for forgetting how to spell managed in the course of three sentences. Also, I get the point you were making about Gardner's effort, but he averages seven rebounds per game, and averaging eight would make him the second best rebounder in the conference. I'm saying let's not undermine a fantastic job by Ox, hmmm?

The upside was that freshman Deonte Burton got 16 minutes in place of Garnder at power forward and led the Golden Eagles with 15 points. He also had two assists and two steals. It was a preview of Burton's possibilities at Marquette. Right now, he probably has the most upside of the four remaining freshmen because he has the size, speed and skills at 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds to play the up-and-down physical style that Williams prefers.

Today, the role of me reading you screwing up 'Gardner' for the second time in this post will be played by Alan Arkin. Substitute "typo" for "chicken," please.

And what's up with "four remaining freshmen?" There only ever were four freshmen this season, as Jameel McKay was a junior after transferring in from Indian Hills. I'm nitpicking, aren't I? Moving on.

I'll have a story on Burton in Friday's JS. The Vincent High granduate, one of the few City Conference alums to play at Marquette in awhile, has an interesting background.

Are we sure that you granduated graduated from anywhere with all these boo-boos? I mean, really. This is out of control. I will cut you some slack here, because other than Dwight Buycks, who last wore a Marquette uni just over 32 months ago, you have to go all the way back to Terry Sanders, who attended MU from 2000-2004 and graduated from Vincent as well, not to mention Sanders' teammate, Robert Jackson, who went to Washington. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, sure, only a few in a while.

The second blog post, titled "Learning from the West Coast experience," is the one that's only bad. There's honestly not that much wrong with it. I take exception to the Tim McCarver-esque lines which sum up to "Marquette is good when three of their starters and their sixth man are scoring a lot," but you were making a larger point, so I'll let it slide.

And, hey! You got every single player's name right! Ok, you added the extra capital J to Jajuan Johnson's first name, but since the roster on still has it that way, I can't be mad at you over it.

And then the last paragraph happened.

Bottom line, the Golden Eagles still haven't revealed their true nature and probably won't until somewhere around the start of conference play, beginning New Year's Eve at Creighton. Marquette was picked to win the new Big East, which isn't showing much in the power ratings. None of its teams are ranked, which is a good thing for Marquette as it continues to struggle with its identity.

Oh, Michael. I don't know how else to tell you this, but Villanova beat at the time #2 Kansas and at the time #23 Iowa in the Battle 4 Atlantis last week, and as a result, they're now #14 in the Associated Press poll. Then again, I shouldn't have to tell you this, because YOU HAD THEM AT #23 ON YOUR OWN BALLOT.

Until next time, then, because we all know there will be a next time.