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Duane Wilson Can Practice 15 Minutes A Day

Yay? I guess this is good news?


Fox Sports Wisconsin's Andrew Gruman had some big news from Marquette's practice on Wednesday.

Duane Wilson has been sidelined from practice since mid-October due to a stress fracture in his left leg. In his preview of Saturday's game against Wisconsin, Gruman goes on to elaborate that Wilson will be expanded to 17 minutes on Friday before being evaluated by the Marquette medical staff.

So, this leads to the obvious questions:

  1. How long are the practices? I'm going to guess at least an hour, because anything less than that seems like a waste of time. Given the NCAA limits of four hours a day and 20 hours in a week, I'm figuring that practices are going to be more in the neighborhood of three hours.
  2. How long does Wilson have to go through this incremental buildup to be cleared for full participation in practice? Is it always going to be a two or three minute increase? At a 3 minute build up, it will take another 14 practices to get to an hour.
  3. Is head coach Buzz Williams going to prevent Wilson from playing in a game until Wilson is capable of completing a full practice? I'm going to guess that the answer here is yes.
  4. How close is Buzz to having the redshirt conversation with the Wilson family, as Gruman reports that Buzz is already thinking about it?
  5. Didn't I read a blog post from somewhere else yesterday about Marquette practicing? Why didn't that blog post have any mention of Duane Wilson returning to practice for the first time in two damn months?

So, what say you on Duane Wilson returning to practice? Encouraged by his ability to do anything? Discouraged by how little he's allowed to do? Weigh in with your viewpoint in the comments section!