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Your Post-Game Dejection Thread: Wisconsin 70, Marquette 64

Marquette made things interesting at the end of the game, but in the end Badger Hate Week went out with a whimper as YOUR Golden Eagles dropped a 70-64 decision to Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

We'll have plenty more to say tomorrow, but for now, we can sum up YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles' 70-64 loss to Wisconsin in just a few words: the Badgers are good, and Marquette is kind of a hot mess right now. Those two facts made Saturday's result not entirely unsurprising, and given everything that was working against them -- Todd Mayo being suspended for a violation of team rules (and this better be the last time I have to type that, because that young man ran out of second chances about 19 chances ago and there's no reason he should be on the team anymore), Steve Taylor missing the game because his balky, surgically-repaired knee is acting up again, Jake Thomas having to play major minutes, our offense consisting of "give the ball to Jamil and let him work," Jim Burr -- it's something of a minor miracle that MU cut UW's lead to 3 with a minute and a half left.

But Frank Kaminsky answered with a 3 on the other end and that was that, and now Marquette is 5-4 on the young season without a marquee win to its name in the non-conference schedule. It's far from a hopeless situation, for sure, and there's still a lot of basketball left to be played, but, as Coach Buzz likes to say, we're trending in the wrong direction right now.

On the bright side: Ben Brust missed a breakaway dunk off the front of the rim and I'm going to try to find/make a gif of it because it was hilarious.

Until tomorrow.