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Are You Ready?

If 30 point Vander Blue wants to keep showing up, I'm fine with that.
If 30 point Vander Blue wants to keep showing up, I'm fine with that.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I couldn't pass up the chance to put that in.

But the reason for the title of the post is the flurry of action that faces Marquette basketball over the next 11 days. In a nine day span starting on Sunday, YOUR Golden Eagles will play four games.

  1. Sunday at Louisville
  2. Wednesday at South Florida
  3. Saturday vs DePaul
  4. Monday at Georgetown

That's not a picnic, and that's only because we're talking about three road games. Let's go a few steps deeper, shall we? Anyone remember what happened the last time that Marquette went to Louisville? Back in 2011, MU blew a 18 point lead with nearly six minutes left as the Cardinals went on a 24-5 run largely powered by Preston Knowles to close the game.

How about the last THREE trips to the Sun Dome in Tampa? In 2011, Marquette needed a 26-9 run to take a lead that they barely hung on to when they didn't score in the last 96 seconds and misssed eight straight free throws down the stretch. In 2009, MU went in to the Sun Dome ranked #8 in the country AND LOST. 2007? That was when Jerel McNeal had to go the length of the floor to get a layup at the buzzer to make sure that the #20 ranked Golden Eagles didn't lose. Honestly, I'm amazed that we're even on speaking terms with the guys at Voodoo Five.

DePaul is a home game, but I'm still not over The Mike Stovall Game, so I want to see Marquette break the single game scoring record every time they play.

The last one in the string is a Big Monday trip to Washington, D.C. For those of you who drank to forget last year's trip to play the Hoyas (and I don't blame you), let me remind you: Buzz called time out right after Todd Mayo hit a triple to put MU up 17 with 13 minutes to play, yadda yadda yadda, Marquette lost.

It's a big stretch of basketball in a very short amount of time. The one thing we know for sure is that we're definitely going to know what kind of team we're watching by the time this is done.