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2.11 Morning Coffee

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


First place with 8 games to go. Hot damn. Enjoy it for the moment, because I'm not sure how much longer we'll be enjoying first place. At Georgetown and home against Pitt is not an easy week. This is when we see what the boys are made of. 5 of the next 7 are on the road.

Forget on the court. The announcing team is worth the price of admission alone tonight.

We have another Q&A with our Jesuit brothers, Casual Hoya. And then we went and answered their questions.
The Hoyas open as 4 point favorites.

I was knee deep in my real job late last week. The administration didn't really send out a letter saying stop the "Hey, you suck!" chant did they? So why did the band play it? Has the band director been fired?

Should I throw my name in the hat for Pope? I think I have some pretty good ideas.

My word, Katy Perry. You must be all kinds of crazy, because no sane man would ever leave those two.

Fascinating story on the man who shot Bin Laden.

Hey Hipsters, there is a cure for your illness.


Pizza pancakes.

Random Music Video: Symposium - Farewell to Twilight.