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2.11 Around The Big East

UConn won a game that was closer than it looked and Syracuse ran away from the Red Storm.

DeAndre Daniels recreates LeBron's powder toss with a basketball.
DeAndre Daniels recreates LeBron's powder toss with a basketball.

Connecticut 78, Seton Hall 67 - I turned this one on midway through the first half and all of a sudden Seton Hall went on a 14-0 run. To any Husky fan readers, I apologize, or if you prefer to think of it this way, you're welcome for giving your team a kick in the butt. Even though I watched the Pirates come roaring back and even have a halftime lead, I ended up seeing Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright start taking the ball away from SHU at will in the second half, even leading to 'Bazz throwing alley oops to Boat off the backboard. Napier finished with 22 points, nine assists and SIX steals. Now there's a dude that enjoys taking the stairs. South Orange Juice has five thoughts on the Pirates for you.

#9 Syracuse 77, St. John's 58 - Thanks for nothing, Johnnies. You're supposed to have the back of the other schools in The Seven, and yet you failed at your mission to put Marquette alone in first place. I don't want to hear any excuses about how James Southerland made his return in this game and allowed C.J. Fair to finally take a break for the first time in six games because HA! Fair played 39 minutes! Fair and Michael Carter-Williams both had 17 to lead the Orange, while JaKarr Sampson continued his stellar season with 21. You can check in with Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and Rumble In The Garden for more on this one.