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2.18 Morning Coffee: 23 Edition

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23 straight home wins. I won't lie. That was a damn enjoyable game on Saturday. They controlled that thing from start to finish. Sure the final 4 minutes weren't very pretty, but a 10 point victory over Pitt is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Steve Taylor Jr. is getting better each game by leaps and bounds. Great to see his development so far. Kid is gonna be a beast in the coming years.

Rubie's game is oddly praise-filled. Can someone find the real Rubie?

Next up: Seton Hall - Life on the road is not easy, but this is a winnable game. Golden Eagles vs Pirates

Massive Attack's 'Teardrop' played with vegetables.

Well this seems terrible.

What if Pixar made Star Wars.

I never knew the dude from Toto was all over Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Monkeys have better memories that you.

The dude from the overrated hipster band The Black Keys is a wanker.

$90,000 a year for child support? Woah, Encino Man.

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Seth Davis - Marquette at #12. LOL.
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Precise shooting downs Pitt.
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AP Game recap.
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Random Music Video: Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Good Light