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Big East Big Five: Week 15

We'll start things off with a nice recap of yesterday's lone Big East game.

"What, me worry?"
"What, me worry?"

We're looking out for you, the reader here at AE, so with just one Big East game on Sunday, we'll fold the usual Around The Big East post into the Big Five this week.

#12 Louisville 59, South Florida 41 - WOO, 60 possession basketball! This one didn't seem to work out in South Florida's favor, though. That's the kind of thing that happens when Russ Smith - yes, that Russ Smith - has four assists and six rebounds to go along with a game high 15 points. Things were actually going okay for the Bulls until a 22-3 run by Louisville turned it from a 3 points USF lead into a 16 point Cardinal lead with 4 and a half minutes left in the first half. Voodoo Five was inspired to write a haiku.

Now on to the Big Five!


Monday, February 18: #25/25 Notre Dame at #20/22 Pittsburgh (6pm Central, ESPN) - These two are currently tied for fifth in the Big East, and getting an advantage at the best single bye spot in the Big East tournament - or even one of the double bye spots - with just four games left after this one could be big.

Wednesday, February 20: Providence at #8/8 Syracuse (6pm Central, ESPN2) - Providence has won four consecutive Big East games for the first time since 2004, when they had a six game winning streak. Included in that run were wins over Boston College and Miami. Yes, it's been that long. Can they keep it going in the Carrier Dome? Marquette and Georgetown fans would sure like to see it happen.

Thursday, February 21: Cincinnati at Connecticut (6pm Central, ESPN) - It's starting to border on a cliche, but if Cincinnati wants to make the NCAA tournament, they're going to have to beat the ineligible Huskies. UConn's played their way into a middle of the standings mainstay, and I'm starting to wonder if they're going to end up as something of a cut line for the NCAA tournament committee.

Saturday, February 23: #11/11 Georgetown at #8/8 Syracuse (3pm Central, CBS) - These two are going to play twice between now and the end of the Big East season. I'd like to see a split, since that would open the door nicely for a Marquette Big East regular season title.

Saturday, February 23: #17/20 Marquette at Villanova (5pm Central, ESPN2) - It looks like this one is going to be in the Pavilion, so that'll be fun. The Wildcats will be hungry for a NCAA tournament validating win, as they've gone 3-3 since the Week Of Court Storms. A road win would be big for MU as well, since they currently have a 2-5 record in roadies, and only 3-7 in road/neutral games.