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2.25 Morning Coffee: Massive Monday Edition

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Sorry, I'm not gonna get hung up on the Villanova loss. It hardly qualifies as a bad loss. This is a bad loss. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't help in the race to be conference champs, but I didn't think we had a legit shot at it anyway. We know this team isn't great on the road. That road show was in full effect yesterday.

It does make tonight's all that more important. Both teams are facing quick turn around after tough losses on Saturday.

Students, please show up and be loud. Working stiffs, leave work a couple minutes early so the place is packed at tip off. Thanks.

Paint Touches looks at the 23 game home win streak.

For those not at the Bradley Center, you get treated to Jay Bilas & Raftery.

SOMEBODY GET MICHAEL HUNT AN EDITOR. His grammar might be worse than mine.

Congrats to Georgetown.

I interviewed Drew Holcomb about his new record.

I feel the same way about my kids.

Your Bachelor's degree is the new High School diploma.

Having kids kills production.


Ugh, the 90's.

Are you up for a 10 hour challenge?

Horsemeat. Yum!

Good free music from a Milwaukee band.

HELLO 1950s and Springmaid Fabrics!

Apple pie & Cheese?

This is gonna be awesome.

Set the DVR, Prince is gonna be a Fallon this week.

Dog problems? Call The Poop Lady.

Marquette Links:
Sporting News preview. preview.
CBS - Marquette at 20.
Nova recap.
Seth Davis back to reality for him & MU.
Orange vs Golden Eagles coverage
Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Men's Lacrosse, lost.
Women's Lacrosse, lost.

Random Music Video: REM Orange Crush (get it? Sigh. these are the jokes people!)