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Big East Big Five: Week Sixteen

Two more weeks to go. I miss you already, regular season.

I could do with 12 or 15 of these this week.
I could do with 12 or 15 of these this week.


Monday, February 25: #12/12 Syracuse at #22/22 Marquette (6pm Central, ESPN) - Both teams are currently part of a three way tie with Louisville for second place in the Big East. Because of tiebreakers, Marquette currently sits in fourth place. Sure would be nice to break the tie and get a tiebreaker advantage on the Orange, not to mention kick them to the curb in resounding fashion.

Saturday, March 2: #10/10 Louisville at #12/12 Syracuse (11am Central, CBS) - These two Syracuse games are going to go a long way towards determining the top four seeds in the Big East tournament. Can Syracuse blow consecutive Saturday home games on CBS?

Saturday, March 2: #21/20 Notre Dame at #22/22 Marquette (1pm Central, ESPN) - Crazy week for Marquette and Syracuse, huh? Notre Dame currently sits one back in the loss column from the aforementioned three way second place tie.

Saturday, March 2: Connecticut at Cincinnati (1pm Central, Big East Network) - If you think that Kevin Ollie isn't going to spend all morning Saturday telling his team that they can put Cincinnati out of the NCAA tournament by beating the Bearcats, I don't know what to tell you.

Sunday, March 3: Villanova at #23/RV Pittsburgh (11am Central, Big East Network) - If I made you pick, you'd say that Pittsburgh is much better than Villanova, right? Turns out that both of these teams are sitting at 9-6 in conference play. Still, a win for the Wildcats here would definitely push them away from the NCAA bubble.