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2.4 Morning Coffee: 10 Left Edition

How do you see the next 10 games going?

I said I want mashed potatoes with fried chicken, Col. Sanders.
I said I want mashed potatoes with fried chicken, Col. Sanders.


February. (see Subway, it's not that hard to say) The month where teams either sink or swim. Only 10 games left in the regular season. Ken Pom has the team going 7-3 to close things out. 22-8. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Here's a look at those final 10 games.

2/06 at USF W
2/09 vs. DePaul W
2/11 at Georgetown L
2/16 vs. Pittsburgh (toss up, leaning towards a L)
2/19 at Seton Hall W
2/23 at Villanova L
2/25 vs. Syracuse (toss up, leaning towards a W)
3/02 vs. Notre Dame W
3/05 at Rutgers W
3/09 at St. John's W

How do you see the next 10 games going? Currently sit at 15-5 and 6-2 in conference.

Any more dump truckings like yesterday and this team will be on the outside looking in. Look, Florida and Louisville are both on another level. I find it hard to get upset or disappointed with these games. Both were on the road. Keep taking care of business at home and life will be good. Davante having to sit for 10 minutes in the first half did nothing to help the cause. Were both fouls on him weak sauce? Hell yes they were. But the refs can't even tell when a guy is out of bounds why would you expect them to get anything right?

Rubie Q recaps the horror.

My 2 cents on Super Bowl Ads -
Winners: Dodge with Paul Harvey, Taco Bell, KIA, Doritos.
Losers: Budweiser, Becks, GoDaddy, Pepsi, Calvin Klein.

So, a lot of people watched the Super Bowl.

Oh, DePaul.

Will Ferrell did more random Old Milwaukee ads.

The dude who invented the Etch-A-Sketch died.

Lots of words on the WaxVac.

Yes, yes it is.

Marquette Links:
Damn, the lacrosse helmets look sweet.
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Random Music Video: Ozomatli - Super Bowl Sundae