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Mike Brey Needs To Shut His Mouth

For some reason, the Irish's head basketball coach seems to think that anyone gives a crap about what he thinks about what The Seven are doing.

Am I crazy, or does Mike Brey look an awful lot like Bo Ryan in this picture?
Am I crazy, or does Mike Brey look an awful lot like Bo Ryan in this picture?

I don't know any Marquette fans that like Mike Brey. Tolerate might be the nicest thing we could say about him. So it's not entirely surprising that Brey spent all day yesterday opining at no one in particular about what he thinks that The Seven should be doing. From the Big East teleconference yesterday morning:

"Would've loved to have us," huh, Mike? 1) We can barely tolerate you and the loyal acolytes of Our Lady Of Perpetual Smugness to start with, so slow your roll on that one and 2) I don't know if you've ever seen Sesame Street, but they have a bit they do (or at least used to) called "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others." That's Notre Dame! You have football, so you're not welcome. It's that simple. This version of the Big East is not going to be taking on football schools who are just going to bail at the first opportunity.

Brey wasn't done, of course. After the teleconference, news started to break that the remaining football schools would be signing off on The Seven's immediate departure later today. That gave Brey a chance to double down on his idiocy:

Yeah, it's an option, because YOU'RE NOT COMING WITH US. Your bosses wanted to take the ACC's money, so go back to your home on Whore Island like the smelly pirate hookers that you guys are.

All of a sudden in the course of a day, Brey goes from "They would love to have us" to "HEY, GUYS, DON'T LEAVE US BEHIND IN THIS HELL HOLE!" Get outta here with that.

To those of you in the student section for tomorrow, you're going to be down next to Brey for the whole game. You're all a creative bunch. Go ahead and let Brey hear and see what you think about his crazy pants attitude!