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3.11 Morning Coffee

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14-4 and Big East Champs! Hang that banner baby. Not bad for a team habitually looked over year after year. My state of emotions on Saturday - Great another slow start, oh hey we're leading at half time, oh this is gonna be a blow out, oh maybe not, hang in there, AUTOMA-ugh. NO! Guh. VANDER! Victory bourbon. The end.

I thoroughly enjoyed Buzz ranting on the lack of respect.

Right now Marquette is sitting as the last #3 seed. So win that first BET game and it would be hard to move MU down to the 4 seed unless all those 4's make a run in the their conference tourneys.

Next up? Rest. And then a 8pm tip off against the winner of Notre Dame/DePaul/Rutgers. I like our chances against any one of those teams.

Kudos to Vander and Davante for earning BE honors. The Defensive player, Most Improved, Sixth Man & Sportsmanship winners will be announced Monday. Player, Coach (BUZZ!), Rookie, Scholar-Athlete named Tuesday.

Well the worst kept secret is officially, official. Is Creighton joining? Channeling the Beach Boys, but not, Fr. Lannon said "Only God Knows". Now, I'm not saying a priest is lying, but I'm guessing he's played poker before.

You just won the Big Ten title outright, on the road, in a thrilling victory. What do you do? Well, if you're Tom Crean, you act like a petulant child.

Anyone else think the Big Ten is overrated?

GM is ready to kill AM/FM radio.

Car Bomb Cinnamon Rolls? Car Bomb Cinnamon Rolls.

A view from inside a trombone.

This Ryan Braun gif is pretty damn amusing.

Lots of people went to see Oz this weekend.

Like Marvel Comics? go here now.

20 teams on the bubble.

There was a murder on a NBA court last night.

9 amazing minutes of Ron Swanson dancing.


Jimmy Chitwood!



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Not so Random Music Video
: Duh, it's 3-11 so we're going with 311. My roommates at Marquette hated me playing 311 all the time. Hated me.