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Selection Show Thread: How Did We Get Here?

Marquette is going to be comfortably in the field of 68, just like we ALL expected. Right?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Selection Sunday has arrived! And as I think about the season that YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles have had, I can't help but cue up the Talking Heads. This is not our beautiful house. This is not our beautiful wife. This is not our beautiful Big East Regular Season Championship trophy. How did we get here?

This wasn't supposed to happen. Everyone knows the tale by now. No more Jae. No more DJO. No returning player that appeared primed to take the reins. Even the biggest optimists amongst us (namely me) thought we'd be spending our Selection Sunday making deals with the Almighty to try to ensure our inclusion in the Dance. Those with a less rosy outlook thought we'd be heading down to the BC on Wednesday for a home tilt against Stony Brook. But that's not the case. Instead, Marquette is securely in the tournament field. And we are, once again, just waiting to find out the when, where and against whom of our first NCAA Tournament game. Same as it ever was.

So rather than trying to make sense of everything, or laying out what I hope/expect to be dealt by the Selection Committee, on this Selection Sunday I'm just going to say thanks.

Thanks to Junior Cadougan, for throwing in that prayer against UConn. Who knows what direction the season takes if that shot doesn't go down.

Thanks to Vander Blue, for taking the next step and playing like a grown ass man when this team needed it most.

Thanks to Davante Gardner, for getting all them buckets.

Thanks to Coach Buzz, who continues to show that he can take whatever hand he's dealt and spin it into winning basketball. I am dreading the coming ride on the coaching carousel, but that's a different concern for a different day.

So try to keep all that in mind when the brackets are revealed today. Be thankful for what's happened so far, and be hopeful for what might happen over the next few weeks.