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3.18 Morning Coffee: #3 Seed Edition

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Yes, Buzz, the 3 seed is in the top part of the bracket. Nicely done.
Yes, Buzz, the 3 seed is in the top part of the bracket. Nicely done.
Al Bello


What are you doing at 2:10pm on Thursday?

One of only 6 teams for the past 5 years. Enjoy it!

A freaking 3 seed? Out. Standing. Well deserved for a team and it also shows why I put little stock in conference tournaments. Unless you win them, you are rarely rewarded. And if you don't, you can still get a #1 one seed.

Davidson? Heh. Since the tournament continues to defy logic and reason, I can see the game going in either direction. But I also like that Buzz has nearly 4 days to prepare. Win or lose, this season has been a success.

While we wait for the games to begin, don't forget to partake in our Bastards Bracketology. Digger Phelps and Denny Crum pods are already up for voting.

Big East Tournament? Meh. I'm not going to lose any sleep over that loss to Notre Dame. I'll take wins in the NCAA tournament over wins in the Big East Tournament every damn year. Plus it gave the world another day to mock Notre Dame and their hideous uniforms for another day.

Jim Burr can rot in hell. And shame on the Big East for continuing to pay him. You know who can also rot in hell? Rick Pitino, Mike Brey and Jim Boheim. Oh, you little shits want back in to Madison Square Garden? You still want to play the teams you abandoned? Get bent. Don't leave the conference. Don't go chasing football money for your shitty ass football teams and then try to weasel your way back in to the Garden. Not yours.

Compare college teams.

The state of Texas is awful at basketball.

We know this, but Bo Ryan is an insufferable prick.

Thank God the Pope is a Jesuit.

Sugar-Free Peeps?

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Random Music video: Duh, Madness.