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The THIRD Annual Anonymous Eagle Bracket Challenge!

Tis the season for brackets! Fill one out and talk a little noise.

"Hey, ref, what's your 5/12 upset?"
"Hey, ref, what's your 5/12 upset?"

What is it that folks love so darn much about the NCAA Tournament? Is it the tradition and the pageantry? Is it the non-stop action and fantastic finishes? Is it the David vs. Goliath match-ups? Is it the Luther Vandross?

Yeah, it's all those things. But mainly it's the BRACKETS! It's the chance to survey a field of 64 68 teams and take a stab at predicting what might happen. It's the chance to pit your college basketball knowledge and/or general guessing abilities against that of your friends, family members, coworkers, and strangers you've become acquainted with via your favorite college hoops blog. It's the chance to talk insufferable smack to those people when your picks turn out to be more correct than theirs. And, depending on who you roll with, it's the chance to take home some fabulous cash and prizes.

We here at Anonymous Eagle embrace this great American tradition. So for the third consecutive year, we bring you the Anonymous Eagle Bracket Challenge. Last year JamesB faced down all challengers and walked away with some new MU gear, and a photo of the devilishly handsome Josh Holloway.

What fantastic rewards await this year's winner? You'll have to sign up and win to find out. Head on over to SBN corporate champion Yahoo! Tourney Pick 'Em. Once there join our group:

Group ID: 98609

Password: buzz

Brackets will be due before the first game Thursday (about 11:00am CDT). So have your picks in before then. And good luck to everyone!