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A Wind-Swept Mess: Harvard 18, Marquette 4

Wow, that sucked.

Hayley Baas scored the first goal of the game for Marquette.
Hayley Baas scored the first goal of the game for Marquette.

There's not a single part of Marquette's 18-4 loss to Harvard that didn't suck.

  1. Losing when you're a first year program isn't that big of a deal. Getting completely decimated sucks.
  2. Harvard had a massive advantage in the first half on draw controls, winning 11 to just three for Marquette. That's a one way ticket to a bad first half, and it showed in the scoreboard when the Crimson led 12-1 at the intermission.
  3. Getting outshot 26-5 in the first half isn't that bad when you take into account that Harvard scored six goals on nine shots in the second half.
  4. THE WIND. Holy crap. I figured that Harvard would have a hard time scoring in 20 degree weather and a strong western wind that was going to be blowing in their faces as they attacked the Marquette net in the first half. WRONG! Harvard scored two minutes, three times in the first 5 minutes, and the Crimson were up 5-0 before Hayley Baas broke through for the Golden Eagles.
  5. Michaela Cyr feeling the need to break a tie between Danielle Tetreault and herself. Both women had four goals in the game, but Cyr apparently HAD to break that tie with 12 seconds left and Harvard already up 17-4. NOT COOL.

The good news is that Marquette gets to chuck this one in the sewer and try again on Friday at 5pm in the Valley. The opponent for that one will be Villanova (3-4), as Marquette starts the Big East portion of their schedule. The game won't count towards conference standings, as Marquette is playing as an independent this season.