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3.22 Morning Coffee: OH MAN Edition



Oh man, Oh man, Oh man,Oh man, Oh Van, Oh Van, Oh Van.

How did that happen? One for the ages. The boxing official had counted to 9 and was bringing down his arm for the 10 count, but the team got back up, one. last. time.

Listen to Homer lose his mind on the game winner.
This sums up the range of emotions during the game.

What I don't get is Davidson's coach calling Buzz's ability to talk to his team during an official review an "unfair advantage." Suck it up, dude. Not Buzz's fault your players turned the ball over.

Next up, Butler at 6:45pm Saturday night. It's a rematch from Maui and a preview of what's to come next season. Brad vs Buzz. Two of the most statistically focused coaches you'll see.

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Random Music Video: Filter - Hey Van, Nice Shot