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Your 2013 NCAA Tournament Day 3 Open Thread

Round of 32 time, kids.

Hey, look, kids! Kevin Pangos!
Hey, look, kids! Kevin Pangos!

Before we get to the games, go check in on Florida GIF Coast stealing money from the New Big East.


This is where having four networks broadcasting games makes things drag just a tiny bit. We're only going to get one game at a time until 5pm tonight. But then prime time goes totally haywire. So we'll see what happens.

All times are Central, and for the second game at every site, all times are approximate.

11:15am: #4 Michigan vs #5 VCU, CBS
1:45pm: #3 Michigan State vs #6 Memphis, CBS

4:15pm: #1 Louisville vs #8 Colorado State, CBS
5:10pm: #6 Arizona vs #14 Harvard, TNT

6:10pm: #4 Saint Louis vs #12 Oregon, TBS
6:45pm: #3 Marquette vs #6 Butler, CBS

7:40pm: #1 Gonzaga vs #9 Wichita State, TNT
8:40pm: #4 Syracuse vs #12 California, TBS