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3.25 Morning Coffee

You're my boy, Blue!

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Andy Lyons


Alright, bring on the Hurricanes. Thursday night, 6:15 p.m. CT vs. Miami on CBS. Plus, Lundquist and Raftery on the call? Holy Thursday can't get here soon enough

Buzz with more victory dancing? YES PLEASE.
Buzz in the locker room after the Butler win.
Buzz in the locker room after the Davidson win. (Mickey Mouse tattoo?)

Ah, Sweet Revenge. You can point to a lot of reasons why they won that game. Here's the easy answer - They shut down Rotnei Clarke (seriously, who names their kid Rotnei?) to ZERO points in the final 15 minutes on the game. If they don't, they're not still playing.

Marquette, Ohio State and Kansas are the only three teams to have made the Sweet 16 in the last three years. Let that sink in for a second. I'll keep waiting. OK? I can give you a bit more time. Good. This program reaching levels I didn't expect, or ever think was possible. I was a student during the Mike Deane years. Maybe my expectations are too low.

Of course I'm going to link to this, You're my boy, Blue!

That's 7 NCAA tournament wins for Buzz. Crean had 5 during his run here. What's the phrase? You don't know what you got 'til its gone? We now know, and thank God it's gone.

Now, it's time to take next the next step. Sweet Sixteen's are great, but the last 2 have resulted in dumptruckings at the hands of North Carolina and Florida. Time to get over the hump. Buzz knows it, the team knows it. Time to make it a reality.

The national media fawned over Buzz's press conference. They're new to it, but we've seen his long rambling stuff for a couple years now. I wish we here at Anonymous Eagle could get all the "swag" he was saying bloggers and the Twittersphere are taking away from 'real' journalists.

Deputy AD dropped this FGCU / MU related nugget last night.

Nebraska's basketball coach is pretty funny.

This never, ever gets old.

Omaha is kind of awesome.

Revolution returns tonight. Here's a great interview with Giancarlo Esposito. Did you know he was on Sesame Street?

How about a woman to replace Jimmy Fallon?

March Madness, 80's sitcom style.

JJ Abrams talks Star Wars.

Dunk. City.

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Random Music Video: The Heavy - Sixteen