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3.28 Morning Coffee: Game Day Edition

Is it 6:15 yet?

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Is it 6:15 yet? Let's do this! Miami evil, must be destroyed.

So what's this idea that Miami losing Reggie Johnson is a big deal?

Here's why I'm not making Elite Eight plans just yet based on him not playing:

In his last 12 games since scoring 14 points against Florida State, Johnson is averaging 2.8 points, 3.8 rebounds and shooting 28.9 percent from the field (13 of 45) in 13.3 minutes per game.

So yes, I'm gonna downplay his absence. Because this team has done it before without him and was pretty damn good. And his production down the stretch had diminished. Will it impact Miami? Sure. Is it going make it an easier for Marquette? Don't count on it.

If you don't think this game is coming down to the final couple of minutes, you're kidding yourself.

Unrelated to the game, this made me feel better:

Guys normally get jobs in April and it's extremely hard to have a good recruiting class in November. So guys that are fired early, that's two recruiting classes washed out. You would hope to build equity with your institution, with your administration, with your alumni.

Amazing how the best written stories from the paper aren't written by the beat reporter.

What am I truly worried about? Miami's hideous, hideous shoes.

Sorry God, but I'm not going to Holy Thursday mass.

Our boy Rubie created a meme.

UW had some spelling issues yesterday.


The Sporting News still exists?

Mutated Swedish Fish!

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